The 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Catherine Annis has been a fabulous experience, a huge learning curve and worth much more than the money invested in it.  I really appreciate the breadth of the course, which incorporates a thorough history of the philosophy of yoga, essential anatomy and physiology and a well structured approach to posture work, exploring asana in depth for personal practice while progressively developing our teaching skills in small and large group settings.  The students are well supported and coached by Catherine who is an outstanding role model; she has offered excellent feedback and encouragement at every stage. The two year format has allowed me time to revise and assimilate the learning through well matched assessments and to have the confidence and knowledge to begin to practice teaching, which has been a joy.  It is a journey of self discovery, at times intense, but always rewarding.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and cannot recommend it enough.

Karen McCross

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Triyoga Teacher Training

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Triyoga Yoga TTC

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Catherine is delighted to be a member of the Triyoga teacher training faculty and will be leading her next TTC starting June 25th 2016 in conjunction with fellow Triyoga teacher Kate Ellis.

This is a fully certified yoga teacher training programme, offering students an in-depth and comprehensive course which runs over 2 years and approximately 390 hours. The course is certified by the British Wheel of Yoga and upon successful graduation, you will also be eligible for Yoga Alliance USA membership

The course has been designed by Triyoga, and will therefore reflect their high standards. Within that structure, both Kate and Catherine will bring their own unique approach to the work. Kate and Catherine both studied Thai massage, and are passionate about our teaching and practice. The anatomy is a strong inspiration, and they are therefore both focused on the safe teaching of alignment, whilst acknowledging the absolute need to have some fun, too!

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a yoga teacher, or seeking to deepen your personal practice, this yoga teacher training diploma will provide you with both the knowledge and tools to enrich your practice and teach authentically.

This is an exciting time for yoga – it is increasing tremendously in popularity, and there is a real opportunity now to become part of the next generation of yoga teachers who will continue to spread its teachings and bring the benefits to the wider community. Catherine hopes that you will decide to take this important step, and join her for an amazing journey into yoga.

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Triyoga teacher training course

The course offers:

  • A rigorous 24 month programme consisting of asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy & physiology, teaching & business skills, mentoring and supervision.
  • An authentic, open approach, which welcomes students of all yoga orientations.
  • One of the most comprehensive groundings in yoga philosophy offered on any yoga teacher training diploma programme in the UK, taught by internationally renowned teacher Carlos Pomeda.
  • Personal tutors who monitor your progress throughout the training.
  • A monthly mentor scheme to hone your practice and provide feedback, advice and support when you begin teaching.
  • Certification Accreditation with the British Wheel of Yoga, the UK’s national governing body and Yoga Alliance USA.

I deliberated for several years before finding yoga teacher trainers who I hoped would resonate with my knowledge, skills and background as a neurological Physiotherapist.

Catherine Annis and Kate Ellis have by far exceeded my expectations not only do they have a wealth of experience as yoga teachers, their anatomical and biomechanics and movement knowledge is extensive.

Their professionalism and passion to teach, share and exchange knowledge and skills in yoga and movement has been so valuable in enabling me to develop as a yoga teacher but has also immensely enhanced my treatment approaches in my physiotherapy practice. The best training I have done in years!

Jody Barber, Physiotherapist

“Life-changing!  Through this yoga training, and the utter dedication & hard-work of Catherine Annis & Kate Ellis, I have not only come to develop a deeper wider understanding of Yoga & bio-mechanics, but I have also become a much more grounded, centered, self-aware individual from working in this way.

Catherine & Kate are passionate dedicated yoga teachers who I am enormously grateful to, and I would recommend this training to anyone who is passionate themselves, prepared to work hard and go through quite a positive transformational experience!”

Sophia Wurr



The course faculty is made up of highly trained, experienced teachers. Every teacher has an experiential knowledge of the power of yoga. Each course has two main asana teachers, but you will also work with several others. They are selected purposely from different schools of yoga and their diverse approaches to encourage trainees to formulate their own, personal style of teaching.



Triyoga train dedicated yoga practitioners to teach confidently and safely from their own self-enquiry and experience. Triyoga particularly encourage their students  to find their own unique teaching style as the course unfolds. Here is the break-down of what you will study:

Teacher training comprises six key elements:

1.  Rigorous development of your own asana practice including essentials of pranayama and meditation.

2.  Comprehensive foundation in yoga philosophy – as far as we are aware, the most thorough of any level one training in the UK.

3.  Thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology

4.  Teaching expertise including articulation, presenting skills and the art of adjusting

5.  Professional supervision to assist you through the early days of your teaching practice

6.  Essential insight into the yoga business and setting up as a teacher

On graduation you will receive the following certification

1.   Certificate of Excellence from triyoga Education

2.   British Wheel of Yoga certification

3.   Eligibility for Yoga Alliance USA RYS 200

The course will give you

  • an embodied, self-aware knowledge that will enable you to teach Level 1 asana classes confidently and competently
  • awareness of safe practice for both teacher and student through modification and sequencing of asanas to suit an individual’s body
  • self-confidence and belief in your ability to communicate and demonstrate
  • understanding of risk assessment and first aid
  • step by step guidance in designing a 6-week beginner’s course that you can immediately apply in your teaching
  • a thorough grounding in the history and philosophy of yoga
  • insightful awareness of your own practice: both an acceptance of its limits and the tools to evolve
  • an experiential foundation of yoga philosophy and how to integrate this into your life
  • thorough knowledge of  anatomy and physiology and its application in the practise of asana 
  • practical advice on how to set up your own yoga business from people who already have
  • an awareness of the issues that can arise for you as a teacher
  • a professional and ethical framework from which to practice

Teaching methods include: lectures, experiential classes, small and large group work, practice teaching time, exercises for learning and discovery, lectures and review of homework.

Asana sessions are taught by two lead teachers with two fully qualified teachers assisting. The teachers come from different schools of yoga to give a broad perspective, within a structured teaching syllabus.



The course lasts approximately 24 months and contains approximately 390 contact hours.  There are 16 modules, which take place on weekends with modules 6 and 14 also taking place on a Monday.  The first 14 modules take place over 18 months.

This training intensive is followed by 6 months mentoring and professional supervision.  This part of the training has two primary focuses – firstly, honing and cultivating your personal practice and teaching skills in preparation for your final assessment; secondly assisting you  take the key steps from being a student to becoming a teacher.

This period also includes a further 2 modules to help you ground and consolidate your teaching practice.



The 16 core weekend modules cover the following general areas:

  • evolution of your own practice and focus on understanding of what’s happening in your body/mind as your foundation to teach
  • de-construction and analysis of key poses, their core alignment points and how to teach them
  • common postural problems, modifications, safe practice and preventing injury
  • how to make sensitive adjustments
  • essential pranayama, breath awareness and restorative yoga
  • practical anatomy & physiology, including conditions you may encounter when you teach
  • different approaches to meditation, personal and experiential teaching practice
  • the history of yoga
  • foundation in the main yoga philosophy schools including tantra, hatha, vedanta and kashmir saivism
  • study of key texts including the yoga sutras of patanjali, the yoga upanishads and shiva sutras
  • basic sanskrit
  • teaching skills including learning theory, presentation expertise, articulation, class planning and sequencing
  • common issues arising out of a teaching practice such as covering classes, teaching one to one and groups
  • essentials of setting up your own yoga business
  • first aid training
  • chanting
  • ethical practice



At the beginning of the training, you will be assigned a personal tutor from among your asana teachers who will monitor your progress throughout the training, assist you with any concerns you may have and help when necessary, to identify any key areas that you might benefit from paying particular attention to.  You will meet with them formally on at least  two occasions during the course to discuss your development as the  training proceeds.

In the last 6 months of the training, you will meet every month for two hours in a small professional supervision group (approximately 4 students), which is specifically designed to help you refine your personal practice and assist you make the transition from student to professional teacher.

This group, which will be taken by one of your asana teachers, will be a forum for you to address the key issues that teachers typically encounter when they are ‘out there’ in the teaching world eg dealing with injuries, troublesome students, getting a class started.  It will also be an excellent opportunity to address specific issues about your own practice,  share and get feedback and support from your peers, whether for the evolution of your own practice or your teaching.



For the latest dates and costs relating to the next course please go to Triyoga’s website.