Course Testimonials:

“I enjoyed seeing the creative approach to the asanas.  In particular I liked the looser and more playful approach to the work, it made me feel like experimenting with my own yoga practice.”

“Gayles retreat centre in West Sussex was stunning.  Being able to walk along the coast and down onto the rocks and beach added to the overall excellence of this fabulous course.  I am already looking forward to next years yoga immersion”

“A great mixture of work, rest and discovery.  It has been the most well-balanced and enjoyable yoga training course I’ve participated in.  Really an exceptionally enjoyable and useful experience.  The format of a 5 day residential  makes it somewhere between a course and a retreat, providing a wonderful context for learning.  Thank you very much Catherine.”

“I really enjoyed the amount of time were given to practice and experiment.  But most of al I love Catherine’s approach and way of communicating.  She holds a great space for us to be able to really “get it”.  Classes are taught with great humour and joy.  I feel I have learnt to listen to my body.  Thank you Catherine, I feel inspired and grateful.  Hope to see you again.”

“A very well designed and well led course – It’s given me so much more confidence to develop and explore my own yoga practice.  A well rounded experience, excellent teaching and a thoroughly enjoyable week.  Thank you to Catherine, Gary Carter and Jake Poller.”

“The way the content was presented was excellent and will allow me incorporate what I have learnt into my own yoga … helpful for embodying and teaching it.  The standard of teaching was very high – we didn’t feel rushed and all the teachers spent time with us individually, helping us to develop.  I feel much more connected with my practice again.  The course was fantastically arranged and worked really well.  I enjoyed each of the sessions and it progressed in a way that made it accessible for those who hadn’t worked this way before.”

“The way time was managed, it seemed to slow down.  Catherine has reminded me that less is more.  I loved the way that nothing was rushed.  Fabulous.” 

“You are not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled but also so much fun to be around and I will never forget you.“

“The combination of all the teachers – Catherine, Gary Carter and Jake Poller, made this one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.  This was further extenuated by the spectacular Gayles retreat centre, and the fact that we all able to take time to explore the surrounding beauty of the countryside, the coast and shore line.  Thank you so much.”

“I felt in very safe hands – Catherine is an exceptional teacher and is able to pass on her knowledge with clarity and purpose .  I deeply appreciated the “roundness” of the course and the fact that Catherine teaches with fun and spirit.”

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course with Catherine Annis

  • Yoga Immersion Residential Course, Gayles Retreat, Sussex
  • Designed specifically for yoga teachers & yoga trainees
  • A chance to explore your yoga practice more deeply
  • A 5 day residential course at Gayles coastal retreat centre in Sussex
  • Is it time to deepen & explore your yoga practice?
  • Special guest teachers include Gary Carter
  • Expereince renewed inspiration with daily yoga
  • Don't miss out .... book now!
  • Yoga is the best tonic a body can have
  • Expereince renewed inspiration with daily yoga
  • The stunning coast is only a short walk away
  • Treat yourself to the perfect gift. Join us on this fabulous coastal yoga immersion in Sussex
  • Relax by the pool or take a hike & immerse yourself in the idyllic National Parks & countryside
  • A chance to explore your yoga practice more deeply
  • Enjoy a walk through the beautiful countryside
  • 5 day residential yoga immersion course on the Sussex coast
  • Walk through the meadows & enjoy the abundance of wildlife
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Scaravelli  Inspired Yoga Immersion Course (residential)
21-26 May, 2019

with Catherine Annis and guest teacher Gary Carter

…. (only 4 places left) ….

Scaravelli yoga weekend retreat with Catherine Annis at Gayles Retreat Portrait 3 Anatomy, fascia, Scaravelli yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis with guest teacher Gary Carter

Would you like to fine-tune your personal yoga practice?
Do you want to expand your understanding of yoga and develop creativity in your teaching?

Join Catherine and Gary to explore:

Integrated Movement – It’s all connected

Scaravelli inspired yoga is unique and challenging – both to practice and, particularly, to teach. Vanda’s approach to the body offers a fresh way of looking at the body and the postures, which will nourish and inspire you in your yoga journey.

Each year the Immersion course evolves, focusing on a different aspect of how we approach our yoga practice in response to requests from current and returning attendees. In 2019 we’ll look at Integrated Movement – It’s all connected.

Limited to just 20 attendees, the course will help you:

  • Explore fascia and biotensegrity and how they affect us in yoga
  • Discover why we need the opposing forces of compression and tension and how they work together to create harmony
  • Develop approaches to unwind the fascial web
  • Discover a clearer understanding of the principles of this approach to yoga
  • Deepen your knowledge of anatomy and structural relationships
  • Explore how our tissues store energy and release it when we need a burst of explosive energy
  • Develop fresh subtle approaches to adjusting / assisting your students
  • Refresh and reinvigorate your own personal practice and teaching
Scaravelli, Teacher, Training, TTC, Immersion Scaravelli yoga teacher training course with Catherine Annis

The Importance of Self Practice

As teachers, we can only teach from our own practice.  We will therefore focus on nurturing our own individual approach to self practice; refining and refreshing it, so that we can pass on our discoveries and revised understanding to others with skill and clarity.  Each day we’ll look at a different aspect or approach to practice, so that you leave with some fresh inspiration, and answers to your specific questions.

This course is designed specifically for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and anyone with a serious interest in exploring their practice, to refine their practice and teaching.  This Scaravelli Inspired Immersion Course is an opportunity to expand the ways we teach yoga as inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, and evolves each year in response to requests from current and returning attendees.

Course Outline

In 2019 we’ll look at Integrated Movement – It’s all Connected!

In yoga, we’re constantly looking for balance.  Balance between effort and ease, expansion and gathering, tension and compression.  Balancing these opposing forces helps us feel light, spacious and stress-free in our postures, as if we are in flow with the forces of gravity.

During this Immersion, we’ll be exploring how our understanding of Fascia and Biotensegrity help us to achieve this balancing act in our yoga practice and our everyday movements.

Posture Clinic

There will be a Posture Clinic session, dedicated to answering specific questions on your favourite (or least favourite!) posture or any aspects of the practice you would like to explore in more depth.

The Venue

We’ve been coming to Gayles every year since 2012, and everyone loves it here.  It’s a simple and beautiful retreat centre, set deep in the heart of the countryside on the East Sussex coast in the Seven Sisters Country Park (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) just a short walk from the beach at Cuckmere Haven.

We’ll be joined by Gary Carter once more, and he will share his profound understanding of the body, and his innovative approach to anatomy and the art and science of moving with ease.

Gary Carter

Anatomy, fascia, Scaravelli yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis with guest teacher Gary CarterGary Carter will join us again to present a full day of explorations, including the latest discoveries from the world of fascia.

  • Fascia and Biotensegrity
    Viewing the anatomy of the body from the perspective of fascia, rather than the more classical anatomy of bones and muscles, gives us a new understanding of the relationship between muscle and fascia.

We’ll be looking at the role fascia plays in our habitual movement patterns and how it combines with our anatomy to create structure, support and shape. This helps us deepen our understanding of our movement in all its forms.

Course Practicalities
Venue: Gayles, Friston, Eastbourne, East Sussex (RESIDENTIAL)
Course Dates: 21-26 May, 2019
Sessions begin Tuesday evening @ 8.00pm
departure on Sunday @ 2.30pm
Price: Accommodation

£670 pp…. Early-bird (if booked by 15th March, 2019)
£730 pp …. Regular


£645 pp …. Yoga can either bring your own (small) tent, or use on provided by Gayles (camping is limited to 4 people).

Included: 35 hours of yoga & anatomy tuition with Catherine Annis and Gary Carter.
All meals, tea and coffee during our stay.
Accommodation is shared in cosy dormitories
Guest teacher: Gary Carter (Anatomy)
Booking: To book, please select the ‘Booking‘ tab above

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scaravelli yoga retreat, teacher training, immersion, ttc,

Gayles is a picturesque retreat centre situated in outstanding countryside on the South Downs, five miles from Eastbourne and fifteen from Brighton. Here rural doesn’t mean hard to reach; there are excellent train services from the nearby towns that provide direct travel to and from London Victoria, Gatwick, Ashford International, Brighton and so on. Gayles is just one-and-a-half hour drive from London and there is a regular bus service that conveniently stops beside the entrance. For European visitors there is a ferry service to and from mainland Europe from Newhaven, which is only a twenty-minute drive away.

The environment and ambience at Gayles encourages an open, safe, relaxed and intimate atmosphere that promotes learning and self-development. We believe that retreats should be fulfilling and inspiring; unobtrusive but available, we do all we can to support you in making the most of your time here so that everybody leaves feeling stimulated, nourished and refreshed.

Gayles is set in ten acres of land adjacent to the Seven Sisters Country Park (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), The National Trust Crowlink Estate and Friston Forest.

With its open fire, high ceiling and refreshing artworks, The Stables, a beautifully converted 1930s stable and adjoining property, provides a warm and practical area for eating, chatting and relaxing. There is an open-plan, well equipped, kitchen and dining room with under-floor heating. There is a separate stereo system with a CD player, DAB radio and amplifier (with an iPod connection cable) which you may wish to play music. Immediately outside there is a large, decked, seated eating area which is wonderful for informal meals and gatherings when the sun is shining.

The surrounding countryside is extraordinarily beautiful, and there are excellent walking opportunities all around.



All accommodation is in comfortable domitories. The accommodation, studio and eating areas are situated close together within a thoughtfully maintained garden.  The whole property is surrounded by gentle meadows offering stunning, panoramic views, which allow us space to wander and reflect between activities. There are two dormitories, ‘The Studio’ and ‘The Playroom’, which offer comfortable and spacious accommodation for up to seventeen people.

All accommodation is equipped with toilets, showers and washing areas as well as hot drink making facilities. There are good quality, sturdy single and bunk beds with individual storage drawers. Duvets, pillows, linen and towels are provided.

There is also a private hard surface tennis court and open air pool.

scaravelli yoga retreat, teacher training, immersion, ttc, scaravelli yoga retreat, teacher training, immersion, ttc,
scaravelli yoga retreat, teacher training, immersion, ttc,

Camping option

Whilst Gayles Retreat offers great dorm accommodation, there is also the option of camping.  Gayles offers 4 pitches for tents no bigger than a three person tent.  You can either bring your own tent, or use one provided by Gayles.

Please bring your own sleeping bag and any other camping equipment of your choice.  Pillows and towels are provided.  Toilet and shower facilities for campers are in a funky horsebox which has been fully customised and has been a huge hit with clients.

Quechua 2 Seconds Tent 300If you choose a tent provided by the venue, it will be pitched ready for your arrival.  The tents provided are Quechua 2 Seconds II tents which are classified as a two person tent, although best suited for individuals.

Click here to view the full details and a video showing the type of tent supplied.



Good quality locally sourced food is tasty and nourishing and is served in the relaxed atmosphere of the beautifully converted dining room. If the weather is sunny there is the option of eating out in the open on the terrace. Food will be vegetarian and organic. We can also cater for any food allergies or intolerances you may have. Please mention these when booking so proper arrangements can be made with the cook.



Sample Programme

 Tuesday Evening Arrival
5.00pm Arrival and refreshments
7.00pm DINNER
8 – 9.00pm Meditation
10 – 12.45pm Introductions + initial yoga practice
1 –  2.30pm LUNCH
2.30 – 6.00pm Yoga practice
6.30pm DINNER
 8 – 9.00pm Background on Vanda Scaravelli (video & discussion)
9.30 – 12.30pm Anatomy theory with Gary Carter
12.45 – 2.15pm LUNCH
2.15 – 5.30pm Anatomy / yoga practice with Gary Carter
6.30pm DINNER
9.30 – 1.00pm Yoga practice
1.15 – 2.30pm LUNCH
2.30 – 6.00pm Yoga + breathing practice
6.30pm DINNER
8.30-9.30 Kirtan meditation + chanting with Anil and Rebecca
9.30 – 11.45am Yoga practice
11.45 – noon Small break
12 – 1.00pm Q&A session / posture clinic
1.15 – 2.30pm LUNCH
2.30 – 3.45pm Q&A session / posture clinic
3.45 -4.00pm Small break
4 – 6.00pm Yoga practice
6.30pm DINNER
Sunday – Final Day
9.30 – 12.30pm Yoga + breathing practice
1.00pm LUNCH
2.30pm Departure

Please note that whilst we will do everything possible to adhere to the programme and details laid out above, some things are outside our control, and therefore we reserve the right to make changes if necessary.



Scaravelli Yoga, ttc,

Catherine Annis is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga. Originally a professional dancer, she discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been practicing for nearly 40 years.

Having explored Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, she eventually gravitated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Catherine teachers on the Triyoga teacher training course, and is also a member of the Teaching Advisory Committee.  Her daily yoga practice and teaching focuses on deepening physical awareness and alignment to reveal and release the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine. She holds a Masters degree in ballet studies and is a qualified Thai massage practitioner, and it is this interest in the body which informs and inspires her teaching.

Anatomy, fascia, Gary Carter has been teaching and practising yoga and various other movement practices for 25 years.

He studied with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, John Stirk, Peter Blackaby and, after a brief time with Vanda Scaravelli, met and studied with Diane Long in Florence and Rome. He has studied Shiatsu, Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy and in 1998 met Tom Myers and studied the Anatomy Trains theory in depth, completing the KMI Structural Integration training.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga teacher trainings, Pilates teacher trainings and massage schools all over the UK.

He has run the Science of Movement course at Middlesex university from 2007- 2011 and studied Dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna. He ran his Natural Bodies centre in Brighton for over 20 years running several yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his Anatomy and yoga courses in England, Scotland and Ireland.



Gayles is situated off the A259, 5 miles from Eastbourne and 15 miles from Brighton and about one mile from the picturesque village of East Dean. It is easy to find and access is excellent.

Gayles Retreat
East Sussex
BN20 0BA

07721 023 845   or   07969 749 829   (Roz & Derry Robinson)

Travelling east on A27 from Worthing/Brighton, follow signs to Newhaven/Lewes. At roundabout after the rail crossing you have a choice between Lewes and Newhaven; take A26 to Newhaven / Seaford. Alternatively follow the coast road A259 from Brighton to Newhaven. In Newhaven, follow sign to the left for Seaford A259.

Carry on the A259 until you reach Seaford and a mini roundabout with the train station on your right hand side. Stay on the A259 going out of town and continue in the direction of Eastbourne. You will come upon a small bridge spanning a water course. Continue over the single lane bridge and you will then come upon a farm house and the Seven Sisters Cyle hire shop on your left where the road begins to start to climb up a small hill. Approx 2 miles beyond these buildings towards the crest of the hill there is a bus stop on the right hand side of the road as well as the entrance to the private road leading to Gayles.

Satellite navigation

You may find that the postcode does not pinpoint the location exactly.  These are the GPS coordinates:

degrees, minutes
degrees, minutes, seconds
Latitude  0.18097 N 50 45.686 N 50 45 41.2
Longitude  0.18097 E 0 10.858 E 0 10 51.5

There is a direct train line from London, Gatwick, Brighton and Ashford International etc. to Eastbourne Station. From there we are a 15 minute bus ride away – there is a request stop at the entrance. The telephone number for National Rail Enquiries is: 08457 484 950.









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All bookings are final, and for this reason we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover you in the event of any need to cancel at the last minute.