Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course Testimonials 2014 with Catherine Annis

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“I enjoyed seeing the creative approach to the asanas.  I like the looser and more playful approach to the work. It made me feel like experimenting with my own yoga practice.”

“A great yoga immersion course, thank you for your teaching.  Super manual to take away to help home practice.”

“Great mixture of work, rest and discovery.  Probably the most well-balanced and enjoyable yoga training course I’ve participated in. The handbook gives good, clear guidance and suggestions for further resources.  Really an exceptionally enjoyable and useful course.  Somewhere between a course and a retreat, providing a wonderful context for learning.  Thank you very much Catherine.”

“I really enjoyed the amount of time were given to practice and experiment.  But most of al I love Catherine’s approach and her clear way of communicating.  She holds a great space for us to be able to really “get it”.  Her Yoga classes are taught with great humour and joy.  I feel I have learnt to listen to my body.  Thank you Catherine, I feel inspired and grateful.  Hope to see you again. “

“A very well designed and well led yoga immersion course – It’s given me more confidence.  The course content of yoga, anatomy and philosophy was a perfect balance.  Thank you Catherine Annis, Gary Carter and Jake Poller.

“A well rounded yoga experience, excellent teaching and a thoroughly enjoyable week.  I loved your yoga approach, the exquisite and detailed approach by Gary Carter for the anatomy, and was mesmerised by the philosophy led by Jake. Thank you all.”

“The way the content was presented will allow me to arrange it in my own understanding … helpful for embodying and teaching it.  The standard of teaching was really high.”

I feel much more connected with my yoga practice again.  The immersion course was fantastically arranged and worked really well.  I enjoyed each of the sessions and it progressed in a way that made it accessible for those who hadn’t worked this way before.”

“The way time was managed, it seemed to slow down.  Catherine has reminded me that less is more.  I loved the way that nothing was rushed.  Fabulous.”

“You are not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled but also so much fun to be around and I will never forget you.  Thank you so much”