Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course Testimonials 2013 with Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis in urdhva danurasana silhouette“The group was fantastic, sleeping in a dorm added to the enjoyment of the week.  Catherine, your passion, combined with your great sense of humour whilst teaching is a skill in itself.  The fascia work was quite amazing – I thought it was demonstrated so well.  The whole course has been a great experience in terms of the yoga sessions and the people I have met and shared time with.  The location is fabulous, I feel like I’ve learned so much, have made new friends and had a wonderful time.”

“Fantastic place, fantastic yoga, fantastic people, fantastic yoga course! “

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis down dog“I loved spending time in the beautiful landscape, with such a warm and wonderful group of people.”

“I loved the teachers, the teachings, the food, the other students, the community atmosphere and the venue.  I really cannot express how grateful and fulfilled I feel from this experience. “

“The yoga immersion course was great. I particularly love to use the breath pattern you showed us. I find this way of breathing from front to back, up under the ribs, down the spine to the pelvic floor very helpful and relaxing for the upper body.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Halasana Plough silhouette“I really enjoyed the time we spent “immersing” ourselves, and it was lovely to learn so many new yoga ways and techniques.  I have used some of the work we did in my yoga classes and found the course material a very useful reminder, thank you so much.”

“I would love to come to more trainings with you when dates fit. It would be a delight to be taught by you, John and David again.  I have learnt so much.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Dandasana seated forward bend with twist“It was a great pleasure to meet you and learn from you. I really enjoyed every moment of your Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion. I learned so much! It was unforgettable experience for me. Thank you again for everything.”

“Your Scaravelli inspired yoga immersion course has helped to galvanise my resolve to incorporate it fully into my own yoga practice and has given me some great tools to progress. I incorporated much what you taught into my own yoga classes and the feedback has been great and fantastic.”

“My Scaravelli Inspired Immersion manual from your course is weather-beaten I use it so often.  It was the best yoga course ever, thank you.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis half moon“Thanks for such a great yoga course and a fantastic group of people. I loved meeting you all and hope we meet up in our yoga community again.”

“Thank you so much Catherine! I have learned SO MUCH and I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge and experience.  Since I have been back and taking classes at the local studios, I see how truly amazing the immersion course was. My students have been so receptive to my new style of teaching.  I feel that my true yoga journey has just begun.  You are a great director.  Thank you so much.”