Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course Testimonials 2012 with Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Nataranjasana“Still giggling to myself, out loud I might add, to various memories of our time together on the immersion course. It really was great and we all worked so hard, laughed so hard and learnt so much, I loved it.”

“My body hasn’t felt this good in ages and my head space has clarity. What an amazing immersion course!  I feel truly blessed to have shared it with you all.  The course was so well structured and organised, it has to be one of the best yoga courses I have ever attended.”

“Rarely have I been in the company of so many wonderful and inspiring teaches. Thank you for guiding us and sharing your knowledge and experience – I feel humbled and blessed.”

“Your Scaravelli inspired yoga immersion course – so many useful and enjoyable aspects.  Time to explore aspects of my body movement and breath that I haven’t done before – ably directed.  Loved the atmosphere, the venu and the teachings imparted with humour and generosity.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis in wide leg forward bend Prasaritta Padottanasana silhouette“I feel we’ve been taught from experience, with knowledge and wisdom.  Friendly, informative and inspirational.  I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my practice and teaching.  Thank you for such a wonderful yoga immersion course.”

“I had such fun – loved it all.  Beautiful place, great people and great yoga.  Catherine, your are such a fantastic yoga teacher, definitely one of the best!”

“Just a big thank you for a fantastic yoga immersion course. I have discovered so much but the scary and exciting thing is it is only the start.  I guess when I started I never appreciated just how powerful yoga was and where it could take you.  All the very best and thank you once again.”

“Thank you once again for the yoga immersion course. I learned a lot about teaching, anatomy and my own practice, not to mention yoga philosophy. I would love to have the opportunity to attend further courses and workshops with you in the future.  I would also love to attend your yoga holiday in Turkey, Huzur Vadisi looks and sounds like heaven.”
Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis in Virabadrasana silhouette“Thank you for an amazing training and all your teachings during the immersion course.  I can’t thank you enough for supporting this life changing experience for me. The awareness, clarity and intention to always move forward in life is a gift. The combination of the incredibly diverse and dynamic group that I was privileged to practice with as well as a wonderful dedicated teacher made for a phenomenal experience.  Thank you!”
“Thank you for taking us on an amazing journey. I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown during this immersion course!”