Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course Testimonials 2010 with Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Uttitha“I found your yoga immersion course really inspiring and met some lovely people in the process.  I am now convinced that this is the path to follow in both my own yoga practice and teaching and will definitely be on the lookout for more of your ‘Scaravelli inspired’ yoga events.   Thank you for all your hard work in setting up one of the best yoga courses I have ever attended.”

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your yoga immersion. It’s really interesting to hear other people talk about their experiences and their own teaching.  I found that there was so much which stimulated the mind to think in new directions.  I went away with my head buzzing wonderful thoughts and ideas. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you Catherine indeed for another top Scaravelli inspired yoga course, I came back and wrote a new lesson plan for my Scaravelli Flow classes and am inspired to work with the new headstand variation, the unfolding tree and balances and the dropping the pelvis in the Bow.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis trikonasana silhouette“I have a new yoga class starting tomorrow, which is quite daunting as a student teacher.  Equipped with the inspiring work we have done on your yoga immersion course, I am really looking forward to teaching.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable Immersion Course ….a real journey of discovery.  David Skitt was a gentle guide, communicating Krishnamurti’s philosophy with clarity and compassion.  The practical work we did around freedom and space in the body, ultimately leading to the freeing of the mind will be what I take forward most gratefully. I won’t just be incorporating this into my yoga  practice but into my everyday thoughts, breathing and postures.  As ever, you were an empathetic, eloquent and inspirational mentor.  Much love and namaste”

“I got so much more than I ever could have dreamed. The course was very well formatted and structured. Catherine has been nothing short of totally supportive. A very empowering experience.  Thank you.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Urdhva danurasana preparation“The most incredible awakening of my spirit, my heart and my understanding of yoga. I have gained confidence in my abilities and in who I am. I have deepened both my practice of yoga and my spiritual practice as a whole. I can now see the picture of the puzzle I have been trying to put together.  This is so inspiring!”

“I was surrounded by the most caring, knowledgeable and honest people I have ever been associated with, both teachers and students.”