Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course Testimonials 2009 with Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Wide legged seated side bend

“Thank you for the best yoga immersion course, I really enjoyed the whole experience – it was great to be able to get even deeper into the practice when I feel it’s already such a natural way of doing yoga.”

The yoga immersion course was amazing; every part of it. Definitely the way to go for me in yoga.  Thank you very much and see you soon.”

Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Vriksasana tree silhouette“Your immersion course was extremely helpful. I have been slowly moving towards a softer more intuitive approach to access the body / mind. Everything you taught resonated within me. The group experience of learning with others was wonderful.  Hope to see you in one of your regular yoga classes soon.”

“I have so enjoyed your Scaravelli inspired yoga immersion course – it was a really lovely group who all seemed to be on the same wavelength.  Thank  you for passing on your knowledge and teaching with such a generous spirit.  Hope to see you again soon.”

“I found the immersion course to be life transforming.  I had no idea how detailed, professional and organised this course would be. Catherine Annis, John Stirk and David Skitt were enlightening and inspirational.  I have taken away so much valuable information and useful teaching tools that I will be able to incorporate into my own yoga teaching and practice.  Thank you all.”


Scaravelli Inspired yoga immersion course with Catherine Annis Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana“All three of the instructors were incredible.  Such a wealth of knowledge – each being able to import their teachings with clarity, ease and skill.  Superb.”

“The teachers are passionate, dedicated, supportive, caring, focused, very knowledgeable, and wise.  I can’t wait for the next immersion course to start.”