World’s Oldest Female Yoga Instructor

By catherine on August 9, 2013 | This entry has been posted in Inspiration

World’s Oldest Female Yoga Instructor (83-year-old)

oldest, female, yoga, instructor, Bette Calman‘Yoga instructor Bette Calman may be 83, but she’s still bending over backwards to spread the benefits of the ancient Indian discipline. The nimble grandmother can really pull some shapes and with her set hair and pearl earrings she looks as glamorous as Greta Garbo in a pink jumpsuit.

With 40 years of teaching under her belt, the Australian wonder is living proof that a lifetime’s dedication to yoga will keep you flexible as a rubber band.’


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  1. catherine says:

    Apparently Bette Calman aged 83 isn’t the oldest yoga teacher in the world.

    Ida Herbert, a 95-year-old yoga instructor, wants into the Guinness World Records. “We’re going to do the Hula,” 95-year-old Ida Herbert shouts out to the packed yoga class at Breathe Yoga Studio in Toronto’s Junction area. “Let it go, girls!” Dressed in black tights and a navy leotard, Herbert swirls an imaginary hoop around her tiny 4’10” frame. The 50 female clients, aged from 30 to 70, follow her lead.

    How many more can we find? So wonderful to see so many older people leading the way and providing inspiration for us all.

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