Yoga Workshop in Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire: June 2019

Pelvic Balance Yoga Workshop

Scaravelli, Yoga, Workshop, Hertfordshire, Pelvic-Balance, Catherine Annis, June, 2019Yoga Workshop:  Pelvic Balance & why it’s so important
Yoga Teacher:  Catherine Annis
Saturday, 22nd June, 2019
10.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: The Methodist Church Hall, 1 Langley Road, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, WD5 0EH
Price: £50
Booking: To book, please contact the workshop administrator Jody Barber at 

Have you ever wondered why one side of your body is easier to access than the other in your yoga practice?  Or why some “hip openers” are more challenging than others?

It’s all related to the balance of your pelvis, and how the web of ligaments, tendons and muscle tissues in this key area work together to support and connect your hips, lower back and legs.

Join Catherine for this practical workshop to explore how yoga can help balance your pelvis and discover:

  • how fixations in the pelvis can affect our entire body
  • why not all hips need opening (and why stability is helpful)
  • the effect of pelvic balance on your sacro-iliac joints
  • why you shouldn’t tuck your tailbone (and why you should!)
  • that pelvic balance goes far beyond pelvic floor exercises
  • how relaxing your pelvis can help relieve lower back issues
  • how to balance your pelvis from all angles

Suitable for all levels

Suitable for all levels