Yoga Master Classes with Catherine Annis: Abu Dhabi February 2016

Yoga Master Classes (x3)

Dates: 7-9th February 2016
    7th Feb 6-8pm; 8th Feb 9-11am; 9th Feb 9-11am
Price:  1 session = AED200; 2 sessions = AED350; 3 sessions = AED 500
Location: The Third Place Cafe, Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi
Booking: contact Ria Haffar 050 6159144  or

Suitable for all levels

Abu Dhabi, Yoga, Workshop, Scaravelli, Inspired, Master Class, UAE, Catherine Annis, Ria Haffer, Hatha, 2016, FebruaryI’m delighted to be returning to Abu Dhabi to teach yoga again.

Join me for three days of yoga master classes exploring the pioneering teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and discover the stress free yoga that works with the body to restore health, vitality and energy.

The series of three yoga master classes will look at:

  1. Backbends
  2. Feet & Grounding
  3. Fascia – Connective Tissue

During these master classes we’ll explore how this subtle approach to Hatha yoga releases and restores the natural flexibility of the body, maintaining overall health and a naturally supple spine.

1. Backbends:  Open your heart and lengthen your spine

We commonly associate back bending with opening the heart and in particular with opening up our front body – the part of us that faces the world. But if we focus solely on this aspect we may lose awareness of some of the deeper supporting structures of the spine:  namely the diaphragm and psoas.  By exploring these ’emotional’ muscles in a series of gradually deepening backbends, we’ll gain important experience of them and, crucially, how our breath provides the bridge between structure and emotion.

2. Feet and Grounding

Our feet are our connection to the earth – they are our roots.  We rely on them for balance and for carrying us from place to place, and yet they are often overlooked and under-appreciated.  During this workshop, give them some love – explore how to release tight joints to reveal softer, more responsive feet, that elevate even the most simple yoga poses into an almost magical experience.  Begin to open from the ground up; stretch and expand through your feet and legs to create strength and lift through the entire body.  See how, when you wake up your feet, you and wake up your whole being!

3. Fascia – it’s all connected!

Our primary relationship – the first we experience – is the one we develop with our own body as a young child.  As we begin to explore how this body behaves and responds, we inevitably feel pleasure when our limbs easily move in the way we expect, and learn coping mechanisms for dealing with difficulty when things don’t go as planned.   All these experiences are laid down in our connective tissue – our superficial fascia – which reflects our histories, and affects how we move, and therefore how we now experience ourselves as adults.  As adults, the practice of yoga offers us the tools of asana and breath to develop mindful awareness of how we now treat ourselves and respond to stimuli – pleasant and otherwise.  Yoga provides us with a practical approach to movement and to life that can help us let go of old patterns, and develop new, more beneficial behaviours.  Join us to begin to soften and release any old, unhelpful and habitual patterns.  Learn to move with more ease and fluidity, and enjoy a return more youthful, supple and enjoyable movement.


Suitable for all levels

Join us to begin to soften and release any old, unhelpful and habitual patterns.  Learn to move with more ease and fluidity, and enjoy a return to more youthful, supple and enjoyable movement.


Catherine Annis

With over 35 years of experience, Catherine is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga, and is a member of the yoga teacher training faculty at Triyoga, Europe’s leading yoga studio.  Originally a professional dancer, Catherine discovered yoga as a teenager and studied various styles of yoga including Sivananda, Iyengar, Astanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, before eventually gravitating to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Catherine’s daily yoga practice and teaching focuses on deepening physical awareness and alignment to reveal and release the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine. She holds a Masters degree in ballet studies, and is a qualified Thai massage practitioner, and it is this interest in the body which informs and inspires her teaching.