Scaravelli Yoga Workshop: Triyoga, Camden, London – 14th April 2017

Refine your Yoga: Learn how to develop your own personal practice

Yoga Workshop: Refine your Yoga: Learn how to develop your own personal practice
14th April, 2017
Friday  7.45 – 9.45pm
Triyoga, 57 Jamestown Road, Camden, London, NW1
Call Triyoga 020 7483 3344 or book online now by clicking here
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Scaravelli, Yoga, Workshop, Develop, Personal, Practice, Catherine Annis, LondonIf you need some inspiration or guidance to help build your confidence, then join us to discover how easy it is to start, or renew, your own yoga practice.

Practicing yoga alone is an important step on the path towards owning your yoga. It begins the process of self discovery, potentially revealing old unhelpful habits, and developing new nourishing ones, thereby bringing joy and freedom into your life.  In this yoga workshop we’ll spend time exploring  simple ways to help you discover what you need, and then develop intelligent approaches towards incorporating those needs into your yoga practice.

If you’ve decided that now is the right time to strike out and start practicing yoga alone, then join us for this workshop to:

  • Develop your own nourishing and inspiring yoga practice
  • Create more space and time in your life
  • Liberate yourself from old patterns of movement and behaviour
  • Learn to trust yourself and develop your inner teacher

This workshop is suitable for everyone who has an interest in beginning or developing their personal practice – whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner. Everyone will be provided with a worksheet to help continue developing the themes explored during the workshop.