Robert Annis – Deep Tissue Massage Testimonials


deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, rugby, prfa, london wasps, Melrose Cup, IRB 1993 Rugby World Cup SevensDamian Hopley ………. CEO Professional Rugby Players Association (ex Wasps/England Rugby Union ‘88-‘98)

I have had treatments from Robert since 2004, and find him to be an outstanding practitioner. He is informative, extremely professional and a necessity in my quest to keep my ailing body intact! I can’t recommend him highly enough.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healingKatie Rowen ………. Managing Director, 360˚ Communications Ltd

Beware: using Robert makes all other massage seem second rate. So, if you don’t want to ruin the experience in five star resorts everywhere else in the world, throw away his details immediately!

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, Motivational Speaker, K2, EverestAmy Beeton ………. Extreme sportswoman (6th British woman to climb Mt Everest)

My weekly massages with Rob are an oasis of bliss to look forward to. Rob’s massages iron out improbable knots, release built up toxins, dissolve my mental tensions, straighten my posture, flush out toxins and relax me entirely. The only complaint I have is when the massage treatment comes to an end.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healingElizabeth Cocozza ………. Fashion Director, Good Housekeeping magazine

Before I found Robert my shoulders and lower back were always a problem. Since having treatments with Robert, I have found I do not have any pain in those areas and my muscles are looser and more relaxed. Not only is Robert one of the kindest and most understanding people I have ever met, he is also really in tune energetically with his clients. He senses what is happening in the body and manages to zone in on the problems without you even telling him. This is something special. After a massage with Robert, I always feel relaxed and calm and sleep like a baby.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healingJimmy Carr ………. Comedian

Fantastic! Made such a difference to me.

Deep tissue massage testimonial for Robert Annis by Charity Hair, Red Sky July bandCharity Hair ………. Musician and singer with Red Sky July

Robert gives an awesome massage.  He has a very kind hearted soul, coupled with an amazing natural instinct when it comes to the massage treatment.    He finds all the knots and areas of tension with ease, applying just the right amount of pressure each time to help release and lighten the body.   I’ve known Robert since 2007 and would recommend him to all my friends without hesitation.

Daniel Galvin, deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healingLouise Galvin ………. Celebrity Hair Colourist

I’ve known Robert since 2006. He is a very talented massage therapist and gives the best deep yet thoroughly relaxing massage treatment. Each treatment is always a truly deep and rewarding experience.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, Transformers Managing Director, Events Director, bob geldof, Dr Party, Ten Alps EventsDanielle Nay ………. The Fridge, General Manager

Robert is the most amazing masseur I have ever met. He literally has magic hands. Attached to a huge strong body and the gentlest, most generous of souls. Everybody asks me what type of treatment Robert offers, but I am always stumped because he simply gives you the treatment your body didn’t even know it needed. Robert brings to your home a heated massage table, oils and all the equipment necessary for an unbelievable massage. So there’s really no contest. When Robert went to Africa for 4 months I was in mourning. Am so glad he is home again. I first experienced his magic in 2002 and still continue to enjoy his treatments.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, David Beckam, Geri Halliwell, Spice Girls, George Michael, Leona LewisDean Freeman ………. Photographer  (David Beckam, Geri Halliwell, Spice Girls, George Michael, Leona Lewis ….)

Robert is extremely professional, reliable and provides an excellent massage which is first rate.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healingLeanne Brandon Mattey ………. Psychotherapist, Urban Bliss

I would swear that the blood of a Tibetan Buddhist monk flows through Robert’s hands during his treatments. I first experienced this phenomenon in 2007. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert.

wild fitness, deep tissue massage, healing, therapeutic, massage tableTara Wood ………. Founder and Director of Wildfitness

It is really rare to find a masseur who can get that balance just right so you feel a massive amount of tension release. It was also the most luxurious and relaxing massage I have ever had, not only because of Robert’s ‘energy’ but because I really felt like I had been transported to another world.

Deep tissue massage testimonial for Robert Annis by Lucinda Belle, Lucinda Belle Orchestra.Lucinda Belle ………. Musician & lead singer of the Lucinda Belle Orchestra

I’ve known Robert since 2004.  He has the gentlest and warmest soul and the best healing hands of any massage therapist I have encountered.  He’s such an accomplished massage therapist and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, healthtouch1Deidre Gough

RelaxAndRelease is run by Rob and his wife Catherine – they are a great team to get you into shape. Catherine teaches yoga and Rob is a wonderful massage therapist. They both work in London and also run retreats in UK and Europe. Having known both Rob and Catherine for many years I can highly recommend RelaxAndRelease to anyone wanting to get into shape or needing to completely relax with a blissful massage session.

deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, lawyer, taylor wessingClare Ferguson ………. Lawyer, Taylor Wessing

I have been enjoying Robert’s massages for several years, in the luxury of my own home. Robert is very accommodating and efficient, extremely prompt and provides a safe, relaxing and enjoyable massage experience. The music, warmth of the table and the sure touch of his hands is guaranteed to calm the soul and body and ensure wellbeing. I commend his business and treatments.

deep tissue massage, healing, therapeuticPatrick Karam ………. Film Location Unit Manager

I have been receiving treatments from Robert since 2003. As someone who works extremely long hours in the film industry I have found Robert to be a fantastic help with alleviating the strains and tension which work seems to magnify. During a period when Robert was in Africa for 4 months I went to a couple of other practitioners and was quickly reminded of Robert’s professionalism and why I have enjoyed and benefited from his treatments over the years. I cannot recommend Robert enough.