September Yoga Holiday Huzur Vadisi with Catherine Annis Testimonials 2009

 Huzur Vadisi Turkey yoga session 2009

Huzur Vadisi Turkey yurt at sunset 2009“Catherine, the pleasure was all mine. I very much appreciated the care and attention I was able to benefit from in your yoga teaching. I read somewhere that we are always exactly where we are meant to be. Who knows what may arise when we allow some spaciousness in our lives to let it in. The yoga was extremely helpful, and it will definitely help inform my yoga practice from here on.”

“Thanks for your wonderful yoga teaching. I really enjoyed myself and the yoga  techniques will definitely stay with me as I practice. I feel like I know my body better than I ever have before, especially my pesky right ankle!”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey teaching 2009“A big thank you to Catherine – what an incredible teacher!  I’ve woken this morning and the retreat at Huzur Vadisi now seems like a colourful dream, the kind that stays with you long after you wake up. We were asked to move with subtlety, and at the same time constantly challenged to work hard. There was plenty of opportunity for bird watching in-between asanas from our tree-top vantage point, and the noises of the wildlife provided an interesting focus for meditation. All of our sessions were fun, some felt wonderfully random, but by the end of the two weeks, I thought to myself, everything made sense as a perfect whole. Such a lovely group of people, and I’m sure we’ve all taken something from it. I’ve taken with me many body memories, not least a new awareness of particular parts of my spine!”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey swimming pool 2009“You are the best yoga teacher I have ever had, and I love your mixture of a very thoughtful and intelligent approach to yoga with a light touch and sense of humour. You also seem to be genuinely interested in your pupils – it’s not all about you.”

“I don’t know anyone within the group at Huzur Vadisi who didn’t find the yoga deeply nourishing. Personally, I found it flowing, mentally and physically (!) stimulating yet profoundly peaceful.  Catherine, your teaching has really allowed me to access more, feel really guided with great individual attention, and challenged me to be as fully connected (head to body!) as possible.  I was absolutely shattered by the end, yet brilliantly energised! Thank you Catherine.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey students 2009“Awesome.  I feel like a completely new person.  Thank you for your inspiring teaching and for the care and attention you generously give to us all during our yoga classes.  Huzur Vadisi.  I’m not sure where to begin?  I loved the luxury of the yurt; the food was out of this world; the venue far exceeded all expectations.  I will definitely be coming back with you next year.  Book me in now!”



Huzur Vadisi Turkey boat excursion 2009“It was lovely to join up with so many kind and wonderful people on your beautiful yoga holiday at Huzur Vadisi.  I now know why you speak so highly of this retreat centre.  I am now back at work and the stress levels seem a distant memory.  Any time I feel them rising, I visualise being back at Huzur Vadisi and tranquility is restored.  My yoga practice has reached a higher plane thanks to you.  Your knowledge of yoga and the anatomy work so well together.  I’m delighted to have found such a special yoga teacher.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey dining table 2009“If my husband is planning to give me a hard time about joining up with you at Huzur Vadisi next year, then I’ll just have to educate him in the finer points of life.  In fact, having seen the wonderful photographs and heard about your awesome yoga, I feel he is almost ready to begin his own yoga journey.  I do believe there is a good chance he will join us next year at Huzur Vadisi.  I think your style of yoga and teaching will suit him.  I’ve suggested he attends your yoga classes in London.  So if a strange man introduces himself in a class as ‘Patrick’, blame me!  Thank you Catherine for being so special.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey hammock 2009