September Yoga Holiday Huzur Vadisi with Catherine Annis Testimonials 2010

Huzur Vadisi Turkey yurt 2010

Huzur Vadisi Turkey swimming pool 2010“Thank you so much for a enjoyable week in Huzur Vadisi, everything was perfect, company, the whole place fabulous and the food was out of this world, that I am trying out some recipes right now.  You’ve given me so much inspiration and that I will add it to my teaching too.  I‘m sure we will meet again may be back to Turkey or in the north of England soon.”

“Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I am feeling energised, back in my body, opened up and full of inspiration. It’s been great to come back  and teach my own yoga classes with fresh enthusiasm – not sure if my students appreciate the hard work I am giving them though! I loved your teaching – the way you built up the work gradually, getting deeper every day. And, of course, Huzur Vadisi is really a special place. Robert’s massage was great too – I liked his touch – soft and strong and easy to let go into. My shoulders feel a lot better – an ongoing project, I think. I hope to see you again soon.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey olive grove yurt 2010“I just wanted to drop you and Rob a quick note to say thank you for organizing such a wonderful retreat at Huzur Vadisi. It really was a magical and unforgettable experience. It felt like a very safe and nurturing place to unwind and explore on all levels and so much of that came from the both of you. I am so pleased I was able to make it this year and I felt very privileged to be there with you all. I came away feeling calmer, restored and with quieter and deeper understanding of my body and myself. What more could I have asked for ! It was a little piece of heaven.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey meal during boat trip excursion 2010“No body has ever showed me how to re construct my anatomy, piece by piece minimalistically one brick at a time, in a yoga class … as well as you have.  Thank you so much.”

“I would just like to reiterate how very much we enjoyed being with you and indulging in some concentrated yoga work which made for some real change in our practice. It is wonderful to have the time to really think things through and to be more submissive.  I plan to return to Huzur Vadisi with you in the future.”

“Thank YOU for all your help and guidance over the two weeks at Huzur Vadisi. It was a pretty amazing couple of weeks and has taught me a lot about what’s best for my yoga practice, which is really what I needed.”



Huzur Vadisi Turkey inside yurt 2010“Thank you for a truly magical yoga experience in Turkey at Huzur Vadisi. It was you who held us all in the yoga space with your expertise, anatomical knowledge, caring and humour. It was fun and a great learning experience … I think we all discovered new ways of getting in touch with our bodies and ourselves … breaking old habits, finding new ways of experiencing familiar postures.”

“It was a wonderful treat for me, so thank you again.”

“I am so thankful for the experience, it was so great to have the time to really indulge in yoga practice and not feel the usual pressure of fitting in everything around work, and other components of the course.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey floato 2010“I’m really appreciative of your yoga teaching. I don’t know where to begin when I think about the number of things I’ve taken with me to add to my own yoga practice – in terms of new physical awareness, and also a deeper sense of calm, and patience with myself! I hope that the latter lasts beyond two weeks at work! I felt a couple of things really made sense to me – simple things about myself and my life and the way they are affected by my practice – they really struck me with a new clarity! Hard to explain, but it felt really moving, so I have definitely taken something amazing with me.”

Huzur Vadisi Turkey boat trip 2010