Cheria Beach, Kerala, India, Yoga Holiday Testimonials 2014

Scaravelli inspired yoga holiday at Cherai Beach Kerala India with top yoga teacher Catherine Annis


“Thank you for another wonderful yoga holiday in India – it was fantastic in spite of you making my ankle and hips work hard, I can even bounce up and down stairs now!  I look forward to coming to one of your workshops sometime this year – or even your Scaravelli inspired yoga holiday in Turkey.”


“Thanks for for all your wonderful teaching during our Scaravelli inspired yoga holiday in India together. I learned so much from you which has certainly encouraged me into regular yoga practice and has fundamentally changed the way in which I work which, ultimately, could be life-changing. My back – and in fact my whole body – feels a lot better than when I arrived in Chenai. I can’t thank you enough for this. I found your teaching inspiring and fun. I thought you were highly skilled in the way in which you encouraged us all as individuals with all our strengths and bits-to-work-on. We all learned a great deal and had a great time. I’ll keep an eye on your website to see which of your classes, workshops or yoga holidays I could attend and will definitely plan to come to Cherai, India next year with you.”


“The grey skies and the ‘normal’ routines back here in the UK have not yet diminished the wonderful legacy of our week on Catherine’s yoga holiday in Cherai, India.  It was a truly special time .. A group that was v diverse, but we all really appreciated and so enjoyed each other’s company, transformational teaching and yoga / resultant body awareness and all in a spectacular place with a real depth of nurturing at the root.  My body misses all of the above !! It’s incredible that the range of ability within the group from Yoga teachers to Beginner worked so well and is testament to the gifted teaching that Catherine delivered. As one of the beginners .. I wish I had discovered the style of Scaravelli inspired yoga practise years ago .. But regardless of that, the inspiration that I took from others walking around with bodies and minds that bear no relation to their years has reinforced my determination to get my act together now !! “


“I just wanted to say thank you!  Your teaching and approach was totally inspirational for me ! My relationship and perception of my body changed within the week and the subconscious legacy of protecting injured parts of my body subsided as each day I realised that instead of my natural response I was being changed and I was changing with that process .. Initially psychologically and then or perhaps at the same time physically !  At the same time we were amongst supportive and lovely new ‘friends’ who had a common denominator of simply making the most of your teaching and the environment !   I think ‘transformational ‘ may be a word that’s too easily used but in this case it’s perfect !  I look forward to catching up in one of your yoga workshops ! “


“Love the video and the soundtrack of our time spent at Cherai, India – such a fabulous Scaravelli inspired yoga holiday. The video, five minutes long: it’s the longest I have constantly smiled for without stopping for a long time. I don’t think I fully appreciated or truly realised how great it all was, the place, the food and especially the group of people, until I watched the video back. “


“It really was a special week and the video of our yoga holiday is fantastic! It was a great pleasure to spend time with you at one of my favourite places in the world and a huge thank you Catherine for your transformative yoga teachings.”


“Watching the lovely video of our yoga holiday in Kerala reminded me of the wonderful time I spent with kind, like minded people.  I enjoyed every moment, the best time I have had in years.  Thank you for making it so special.  Catherine teaches with such passion and I am sure we all took home part of that passion.  I left feeling much calmer and more grounded with lots of new knowledge to put into my yoga practice.  Catherine is such an inspiration to us all.  I loved Charai Beach Resort.  It was great to have the beach so close by for our morning and evening meditations.  Thank you Catherine for making this video; great memories.”


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