Yoga Workshops Photo Album 2016: Edinburgh, Scotland

Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher Catherine Annis was delighted to be invited to Scotland to teach a series of yoga workshops in October 2016.  There were three workshops, and participants were invited to attend all or any of the workshops on offer.


Workshop 1: From the ground up – an appreciation of your feet

Restricted in tight shoes and slammed into unforgiving pavements, we often overlook our feet until they begin to hurt.  But the good news is that yoga helps. Working intelligently, we can develop a new, more vibrant relationship with the feet that enlivens our posture and creates a strong foundation with the ground beneath us.

In this practical workshop, discover the magical effect of unlocking the tiny joints within the feet.  Open these often overlooked, sometimes restricted areas to reveal spaces that lift up and extend your whole body, creating a sense of buoyancy and elastic responsiveness as you move.   Discover improved stability and strength in your legs and spine.  Extend and deepen your roots to feel the support of the ground, and learn how to receive the lightness and freedom that rises up from the earth.


Workshop 2: Learn how to develop your own personal yoga practice

Would you like to develop your own yoga practice, but feel unsure of where, or how, to start?

If you need some guidance or inspiration to help build your yogic confidence, then join us to discover how easy it is to start, or renew, your own yoga practice.

Practicing yoga alone is an important step on the path towards owning your yoga. It begins the process of self discovery, potentially revealing old unhelpful habits, and developing new nourishing ones, thereby bringing joy and freedom into your life.  This afternoon we’ll spend time exploring simple ways to help you discover what you need, and then develop intelligent approaches towards incorporating those needs into your yoga practice.

If you’ve decided that now is the right time to strike out and start practicing alone, then come along to discover how to trust yourself and develop your inner teacher, and develop a nourishing and inspiring yoga practise.

This workshop is suitable for everyone who has an interest in beginning or developing their personal practice – whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner. Everyone will be provided with a worksheet to help continue developing the themes explored during the workshop.


Workshop 3: Releasing Tension Through Yoga

We are a product of our experiences. The way we move, our thoughts, our reactions … they create currents and patterns which gradually, over time, sink into us and become part of us, affecting the way  we relate to ourselves, and to others.  Some of these experiences are pleasant, and have a soothing affect on our tissues and responses, whilst others may send ripples of disquiet or unease through our systems, building layers of protection that restrict our natural flow within the world around us.

Join us to explore how yoga can help.  Sitting quietly, moving consciously and with compassion for ourselves, breathing, and softly opening, we can learn to dissolve these layers of habitual patterning, restoring our whole selves to our natural state of ease, tranquillity and happiness.