Yoga Workshops Photo Album 2016: Dallas, Texas, USA

An Inquisitive Journey into Scaravelli-inspired Yoga

In September 2016, Catherine Annis, Darlene Bink and Carol Stall ran a series of yoga workshops to explore various aspects of Scaravelli inspired yoga.  Between them they have over 100 years of yoga experience.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga workshop 1: “An Appreciation of the Feet”

Working intelligently, we can develop a new, more vibrant relationship with the feet that enlivens our posture and creates a strong foundation with the ground beneath us.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga workshop 2: “Awakening the Spine”

Experiencing subtle movement, we will gently begin to create space in the upper body.  Gradually, we will explore more energising and spontaneous movements as we receive the earth’s rebound energy.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga workshop 3: “Breath & the Intelligent Body”

We will focus on the end of the exhalation to observe how space opens up, during which our thoughts soften and movement becomes lighter and more buoyant.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga workshop 4: “The Art of Touch”

Touch is the first form of communication between mother and child, and can be a valuable tool in drawing attention to sleepy areas of the body.  Discover how the quality of our touch can help us find more harmonious approaches to movement.


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga workshop 5: “Finding Balance & Slowing Down”

We will cultivate freedom and creativity in our practice as we explore our hips and move toward our connection with the ground and take a closer look at balance postures.  Learn to ‘let go’ as we close the day with Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.