Yoga Workshop Photo Album 2016: The White Horse Yoga Centre, Devizes, Wiltshire

Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher Catherine Annis was delighted to be invited to the White Horse Yoga Studios in Devizes, Wiltshire to teach a yoga workshop in November 2016.


Yoga Workshop: The Art of Touch

It is not possible to touch the skin anywhere without causing a ripple of effects into the interior and back again.

Deane Juhan

Do you ever consider how the sense of touch affects you?  How it affects your development and understanding of your place within the world?  And how does that same sense of touch affect your yoga practice – whether it originates from the touch of another, outside source, or your own unique ability to sense and feel objects through your skin?  Ultimately, how does touch, and our response to it, help us in our practice, and in our lives?

All yoga and movement teachers use touch, in some form, to draw attention to particular areas of the body – to a forgotten area of the spine, or unnecessary tension in shoulders –  as a way of assisting us to find easier, more supple and harmonious approaches to movement.  As students, we are very aware of the quality of that touch and whether it is thoughtful, strong or soft enough, whether it is directing our awareness to the surface, or towards a deeper structure ….

We naturally assess the teachers touch, and yet we often overlook the way we contact ourselves and the surfaces we come into contact with: the floor, the mat, the space around us.  When we touch animals with soft gentle insight, they respond by leaning into us, enjoying the contact.  The focus of this workshop will be to develop our own sense of touch, so that we can improve our sensitivity and the way we experience our yoga practice.  Catherine will begin with a brief introduction to the anatomy of fascia in relation to touch, before exploring the ways in which touch can become a nourishing and inspiring tool to explore an ever evolving, responsive and inspiring yoga practice.