Suleyman’s Garden, Faralya, Turkey: Yoga Retreat Panoramic Photos 5

Suleymans Garden, Turkey, Yoga

Suleyman’s Garden Yoga Retreat Holiday …. September

Wooden Cabins Double Beds (single or double)

There are six cabins equipped with double beds suitable for single occupancy or couples.  These simple wooden cabins each have their own veranda, shaded by vines and flowers.  The verandas have proved a popular place to sit and read, or simply to relax and enjoy the surroundings.  Some have views of the sea whilst others look across the beautiful garden.


Wooden Cabins Single Beds (single or twin)

There is one cabin with two single beds suitable for single or twin occupancy.  The roof of the cabin extends to provide shade for the veranda, and there are views across the gardens to the sea beyond.

Thatched Stone Huts (single)

There are two simple thatched stone huts which have been hand built from original stone buildings in the grounds of the gardens.  Each hut has a single bed.  One hut overlooks the sea, whilst the other has views across the gardens to the sea beyond.

Small Traditional Stone House (single or twin)

There is one traditional stone house with two single beds suitable for single or twin occupancy.   Full of charm, the stone house is ideal for two friends sharing.  It has its own private garden area, with table and chairs nestled beneath a vine covered pergola.  There are views across the garden to the sea.

Twin beds with en suite (single or twin)

There are four stone built houses each with en-suite facilities.   Both have twin beds and are suitable for single or twin occupancy.  They share a large shady balcony which overlooks the pomegranate and clementine orchards below.

Stone Pool House (single or twin)

With stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea below, this traditional stone building has two single beds with shower and toilet facilities in close proximity in a separate structure.

Yoga Shala

The wooden floored and shaded yoga shala is set amid the vegetable gardens and fruit trees, with lovely sea views and has comfortable space for up to 16 people.The yoga shala is fully equipped with mats, belts, blocks, bolsters and blankets. You are most welcome to bring your own equipment with you if you prefer.

Swimming Pool

There is a stunning swimming pool which is an ideal place to cool off, relax and chill out.  For those wishing to sample the crystal clear Mediterranean sea, it’s just a short ten minute walk to the rocky coves. Swimming here is safe and secluded – sea life is abundant, so bring your snorkel and masks or just your goggles.

Dining Area

The dining area provides magnificent panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and surrounding islands below and provides an excellent opportunity to just relax and immerse yourself in the beautiful  surroundings.  If you are lucky enough you can watch dolphins playing in the surf, or whales breaking the surface to take their next breath.

Viewing Platform

Slightly below the dining area, close to the shoreline, is a beautiful spacious decked platform littered with comfortable seat and back cushions. This provides a peaceful space to chill out and listen to the gentle lapping waves below.

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Suleymans Garden, Yoga, Holiday, Retreat, TurkeySuleymans Garden, Yoga, Holiday, Retreat, TurkeySuleymans GardenSuleymans Garden, Turkey, YogaSuleymans Garden, Turkey, YogaSuleymans Garden, Yoga, Retreat, TurkeySuleymans Garden, Yoga, Holiday, Retreat, TurkeySuleymans Garden, Yoga, Holiday, Retreat, TurkeySuleymans Garden, Yoga, Holiday, Retreat, Turkey