London Yoga Training Course 200hr+

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London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

Accredited yoga teacher training courses are numerous in London …

If you’re looking for a 200+ hour course, which has been created to develop your teaching skills and deepening your understanding of yoga, then join Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training.

IYTT is an 18-month course, certified and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), held in beautiful London studios.  With Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter, this is an anatomically focused course, designed to inspire and educate.

If you have at least 2 years of consistent yoga practice, and are looking for an in-depth, thought provoking accredited course, beginning in 2018, then apply now!  We look forward to hearing from you.


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London Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

I have been working with Catherine and Tanya throughout my five-year return to the yoga mat which has indeed seen some life challenges.

I have always felt supported and indeed cherished as they share their extraordinary knowledge and understanding of the person as a whole soul.  The joy I have found being their student enriches my being and my practice is blossoming I am so delighted to be a student on their first intake – I can’t wait to get started on the next stage of the journey.

Jan Balyckyi


The 200-hour yoga teacher training course with Catherine has been a fabulous experience, a huge learning curve and worth much more than the money invested in it.  I really appreciate the breadth of the course, which incorporates a thorough history of the philosophy of yoga, essential anatomy and physiology and a well-structured approach to posture work, exploring asana in depth for personal practice while progressively developing our teaching skills in small and large group settings.

Our class has created a very supportive and friendly atmosphere while Catherine is an outstanding role model as an intuitive and compassionate teacher; she has offered excellent feedback and encouragement at every stage.  The two-year format has allowed me time to revise and assimilate the learning through well matched assessments and to have the confidence and knowledge to begin to practice teaching, which has been a joy.  It is a journey of self-discovery, at times intense, but always rewarding.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute (well, perhaps not the terrifying first group teaching practices, but maybe that was just me …) and cannot recommend it enough.

Karen McCoss


Tanya Love is an amazing yoga teacher whose classes are relaxed, fun and informative at the same time. Her fascination with the way our bodies work shines through as she tailors each class to meet the needs of every student from beginner to advanced in a safe, enjoyable environment. I always come away feeling lighter and more energised. Highly recommended!

Emma Williams


Tanya is a really excellent yoga teacher. She gives clear guidance and instruction and I particularly appreciate her sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on help to get into position correctly when needed. I enjoy the pace of her classes and the way she stresses the importance of attention on the body in each pose and the process of yoga to bring space and fluidity. I always feel great at the end of her class and really notice when I haven’t been! Tanya makes yoga approachable, where to a very inflexible person like me it can be daunting! Thank you!

Clea Sambrook


London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

London, Yoga, Training, Course, 200hr

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