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Join Catherine Annis in September at the stunning Huzur Vadisi in Turkey.


Robert is the most amazing masseur I have ever met. He literally has magic hands. Attached to a huge strong body and the gentlest, most generous of souls. Everybody asks me what type of treatment Robert offers, but I am always stumped because he simply gives you the treatment your body didn’t even know it needed. Robert brings to your home a heated massage table, oils and all the equipment necessary for an unbelievable massage. So there’s really no contest. When Robert went to Africa for 4 months I was in mourning. Am so glad he is home again. I first experienced his magic in 2002 and still continue to enjoy his treatments. deep tissue massage, therapeutic, reiki healing, Transformers Managing Director, Events Director, bob geldof, Dr Party, Ten Alps Events Danielle Nay Transformers Managing Director

Huzur Vadisi Yoga Holiday Retreat

By catherine on February 25, 2016 | This entry has been posted in Holiday

  • Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreat, Gocek, Turkey
  • Relax & chillout in the natural stone swimming pool
  • Huzur Vadisi means peacful valley - when you arrive you'll know why
  • Stunning luxurious yurts - "proper" beds, electricty, wooden floors and home comforts
  • Yurts are scattered through the olive groves in this world leading retreat centre
  • Yoga in a spacious, cool & shaded yoga shala
  • A delicious place to escape the stresses of life - the food at Huzur Vadisi is legendary
  • The Turquoise coast is stunning and magical
  • The perfect balance between rustic charm & simple luxuries
  • Book now .... Enjoy a week away from it all, high in the hills amidst virgin pine forest above the famous Turquoise Coast
  • Yoga classes in the morning & afternoon .... 4 hours each day
  • A full day boat trip from Gocek .... Join us on the day off
  • An opportunity to see dolphins & sea turtles whilst sailing in beautiful clear water
  • Is it time for you relax & unwind? Then join us at Huzur Vadisi
  • Listed as one of the Independent's top 5 yoga retreats
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This yoga retreat holiday at Huzur Vadisi, Turkey in September 2016, in the sleepy hills above Gocek, is an ideal opportunity to break away from the stresses of every day life. Here you can relax and unwind and enjoy all the health benefits of a Scaravelli yoga retreat.

Relax and unwind in the tranquil sun-filled mountains of Southern Turkey.
Huzur Vadisi means peaceful valley ……
when you arrive you’ll know why.

Make this the year you get away from it all and join us in the peaceful setting of Huzur Vadisi, listed as one of The Independent’s top best five yoga retreats. Each day we will focus on slow and gentle explorations of the body, mind and spirit, gently awakening our physical awareness. Together we will explore elements of the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, including breath, and the flow of gravity to reveal and release the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine. This approach to yoga gradually enables us to reveal long-held patterns, helping us find a new light, supple way of moving.

‘Huzur Vadisi with Catherine Annis, one of the best yoga retreat holidays I’ve ever been on’


High in the hills overlooking Gocek, Huzur Vadisi is surrounded by virgin pine forest, olive trees and figs. From here you can walk unhindered in any direction to spectacular viewpoints over the coast and islands, and inland to unfolding mountain ranges. It’s a truly peaceful and very natural space, perfect for total relaxation, immersion in yoga, and with almost guaranteed great weather.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly, and particularly welcoming to people holidaying on their own. Hammocks are strung enticingly between the trees, there is a beautiful natural stone swimming pool, and a traditional wooden kosk, (like an exotic tree house), which is a favourite spot for siestas and evening gatherings.

To complete the experience, we will also be joined by Robert Annis, a very talented and intuitive massage therapist, who will be on hand to soothe aching muscles and help everyone to simply wind down, and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this lovely space.

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A stunning yurt at Huzur Vadisi during a Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat holiday with Catherine AnnisYurts

We sleep in stunning, traditional nomadic yurts.

Comfortable and spacious, in hot weather the apex of the roof is left open to the sky – the so called “Eye of Heaven”, so that at night you can see the stars from your bed.

Equipped with “proper” beds, electricity, wooden floors and home comforts, it is definitely not camping! There are shared bathroom areas with ample toilet, shower and washing facilities and solar heated water.

Catherine Annis Scaravelli yoga retreat holiday Huzur VadisiStaying at Huzur Vadisi is very much like being a house guest – it’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, particularly welcoming for people holidaying on their own. There is also plenty of space to be by yourself and be quiet if you wish.

At night the valley is dark, free of light pollution, revealing all the beauty of the night sky. At full moon it is truly magical to see the forest and valley bathed in moonlight. Huzur Vadisi’s setting brings a deep connection with the natural world that immeasurably enhances the benefits of your yoga practice.

Huzur Vadisi Summer House during Catherine Annis's Scaravelli yoga retreat holiday in September

Studio Cottage

There is a small brick built studio cottage with a beautiful cool veranda, which accommodates a comfortable couch where you can sit and look over the olive grove below. It is a peaceful spot to relax, unwind and become one with your surroundings. The cottage, with its tiled pitch roof, has two single beds and provides a great alternative if you do not wish to stay in one of the yurts.

Huzur Vadisi Summer House interior, taken during Catherine Annis's Scaravelli yoga retreat holiday in September

Summer House

The Summer House is also a fantastic alternative to Yurt living. Situated at the highest point at the retreat centre it offers fabulous views of the surrounding mountains and pine forests. With a hammock right outside the entrance, you don’t have far to go before you are swaying gently back and forth. The structure is partially open sided and has one double and one single bed.

Huzur Vadisi tent accommodation for Catherine Annis's Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat holiday

Canvas Tents

In addition there are also two simple canvas tents available for single occupancy. Each tent has its own proper single bed, storage area for clothes and its own electricity supply for lights and table lamps. The tents, although they are single occupancy are not subject to the single supplement costs associated with the other styles of accommodation. Like all accommodation on site, the tents are a short walk to the dining area, swimming pool, shower facilities or yoga shala. Careful thought and consideration has been given when building the structures on site to ensure that each guest can begin to relax and enjoy their peaceful surroundings as soon as possible.

Huzur Vadisi Scaravelli yoga class with Catherine Annis

Yoga Shala

The open-sided shala, set amidst the olive trees and vines, is very spacious and ideal for yoga classes. It’s a very cool in the shala even on the warmest days.

Yoga mats, bolsters, belts and blocks are provided, but if you would like to bring your own equipment that also works for us.

pool at Huzur Vadisi

Swimming Pool

The most popular spot outside yoga classes has to be at the natural stone swimming pool. It’s so peaceful that you’ll find it difficult not to chill out and relax.

It is a beautiful place for comfortable lounging, reading, as well as a great place to cool off.

Terrace and Dining area at Huzur Vadisi

Dining Area

The original farmhouse is the inspiration for the careful restoration and building at Huzur Vadisi. It houses the kitchen, the office and staff accommodation. Its shaded terrace and long communal table provide a lovely ambience for sharing the delicious meals.

In this area you can connect to the free Wi-Fi if you wish to catch up on emails, news etc.

Catherine Annis Scaravelli Inspired Yoga teacher at Huzur Vadis KoskiKösk

The traditional open-sided wooden Kösk whispers “siesta!” to many clients in the afternoon. A cool spacious carpeted upper-deck with comfortable cushions provides a great area to chill out. It’s almost like having your own exotic tree house. The lower-deck has coffee tables, sofas, a large well stocked fridge with cold refreshments and chocolate for those wishing to indulge, and there is also a library of books if clients wish to read.



Food at Huzur Vadisi is delicious. Many people say it’s worth coming for that alone! Based on local Turkish village style cooking, most of the produce is grown organically and locally.

Turkish cooking is recognised as one of the great cuisines of the world and was originally created by a thousand palace chefs devoted to tempting the Ottoman Sultan’s palate. Huzur Vadisi has produced not just one, but two cook books, so you can take a copy of the recipes with you to recreate back at home. Sevgi, the gifted cook, combines this tradition with local village recipes to turn out truly original and delicious meals.

Although the menu is vegetarian by default, fish, chicken or meat can be provided once or twice a week if requested by the group. Special diets can also be accommodated, but please check with us first for more detailed information.

Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat holiday with Catherine Annis at Huzur Vadisi, Turkey every September Catherine Annis Scaravelli Inspired Yoga retreat holiday at Huzur Vadisi meal in afternoon The delicious Huzur Vadisi chesse rolls during a Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat holiday with Catherine Annis Huzur Vadisi cook book
Scaravelli inspired yoga with Catherine Annis at Suleyman's Garden Huzur Vadisi cook book

The Huzur Vadisi Vegetarian Cookbook

Recipes from a Turkish kitchen

Has 70 pages of simple, delicious and healthy Turkish vegetarian recipes.

Buy it now The Huzur Vadisi Vegetarian Cookbook




We arrive on Monday, and start yoga sessions on Tuesday morning. There are two, two hour long yoga sessions each day, one in the morning, the other in the late afternoon – but of course, if you prefer to laze by the pool, or indulge in a supremely relaxing massage, then that’s fine!

There will be one day “off” (usually Thursday), during which you are free to explore the local area, or join us for a full day’s boat trip around the beautiful bay of Gocek, anchoring in quiet coves for lunch, tea and swimming. The local village of Gocek, which is only a twenty minute taxi ride away, has a pretty marina with shops, little bars and restaurants, providing all amenities.

Sample Programme

Yoga classes take place in the mornings and late afternoon in the beautiful yoga shala, where often the only sound is a shepherd’s flute or the tinkling of goat bells in the surrounding hills.

Monday – Arrival
4.30pm Arrival and refreshments
6.30 – 7.30pm Dinner
7.30pm Welcome meeting


Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
8.30 – 9.30am Breakfast
10.00 – noon Yoga
1.00 – 2.00pm Lunch
2.00 – 5pm Free time to explore, walk, chill out, have a massage
5.00 – 7pm Yoga
7.30 – 8.30pm Dinner
8.30pm Free time


Thursday – Day Off
8.30 – 9.30am Breakfast
10.00 – 7pm Full day boat excursion (optional)


Monday – Departure
8.30 – 9.30am Breakfast
10.00am – Departure

Please note that whilst we will do everything possible to adhere to the programme and details laid out above, some things are outside our control, and we therefore reserve the right to make changes if necessary.



walking excursion from Huzur VadisiWalking and Trekking

You are spoiled for choice with excellent walks in any direction from the retreat centre at Huzur Vadisi.

The many trails allow you to choose anything from a sedate 30 minute stroll through the pine forests all they way through to a full day excursion where you can conquer the mountains which peer down onto stunning coast and islands.

huzur vadisi gocek

Visit Gocek

For a quick get-away, the small seaside town of Gocek is only a ten minute taxi ride. The town has a pretty palm-lined seafront with bars and restaurants, and still retains its laid-back and friendly village atmosphere, despite being one of Turkey’s most up-market yachting centres. Shopping includes jewellery, carpets, ceramics, clothes, and spices. There are also banks and cash points.

huzur vadisi fethiye

Visit Fethiye

Fethiye is about 40 minutes away and is the nearest large town to Huzur Vadisi.

Set on a beautiful bay, it features shops, bazaars, seafront cafes, Turkish baths and the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos. Taxis can be arranged to take you to Fethiye.

Huzur Vadisi Lycian Rock TombsVisit Dalyan

Dalyan is a lovely little town on a reedy river estuary about an hour from Huzur Vadisi. Riverboats carry guests to the spectacular Lycian rock tombs, the ancient ruins of Caunos, or they can take you to the hot sulphur springs on Koygegiz Lake. Alternatively you can spend the day enjoying the pristine sea and sand of Istuzu beach, a nature conservancy area at the mouth of the river.

The Dalyan Mudbaths are a top tourist attraction and visitors from far and wide make the trip in order to take advantage of the cleansing and healing mud. Guaranteed to have your skin glowing and also said to be a remedy for rheumatic and skin conditions.

Saklikent Gorge

Visit Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent gorge is a pleasant 60 minute journey from Gocek and is the 2nd biggest gorge in Europe spanning 20km and the deepest in Turkey. Some 6km of the gorge is walk-able, and the shade and cold waters that flow through it make it a wonderful escape from the hot sun. Saklikent means ‘hidden town’ … it is easy to forget that it was only discovered less than 30 years ago.

Boat trip excursion from Huzur Vadisi

Full Day Boat Trip

The all-time favourite day trip is a cruise around the islands and bays of this stunning coastline on a traditional wooden sailing boat. Most guests choose this option on the day off (usually Thursday). A day’s cruise provides plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing, and a delicious lunch is cooked and served on board.

The comfortable boat has toilets and a changing cabin on board, and provides ample deck space to stretch out in the sun or under a shaded awning. The Bay of Gocek, described by the yachting fraternity as the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, offers lovely views as well as wonderful swimming in the crystal clear sparkling water.

Beach at Gocek

White Sandy Beaches

While swimming from a boat is a popular way to enjoy the sea, there are also two nice beaches within a 15 minute taxi ride from Huzur Vadisi. One beach is in the next bay along the coast. The other is at a five-star hotel in Gocek. Day membership permits access to their private beach, and also reduced prices for lunch at their chic restaurant overlooking the bay.

Another less-expensive but very nice private beach is on the other side of the bay in Gocek, and provides decking, sun loungers and a small sandy beach.

gocek market

Sunday Market Gocek

A favorite with some of the guests is to visit the local Sunday market down in Gocek. It’s popular with the locals and allows you to submerse yourself in the local culture. The market caters for everything from clothing, towels and shoes; linens and leather bags; kitchen utensils and farm implements – and then there’s all the fruit and veg stalls, chickens & eggs, fish, cheeses & olives, etc.


Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Another favourite activity is a visit to the Turkish Baths in Gocek.

A delicious steam bath precedes a thorough scrubbing and exfoliation by attendants. Massage is also available.

Relax and refresh Sultan-style.

Archeological Sites close to Huzur Vadisi

Archaeological Sites

The history of the region spans the Greeks, Romans and Persians, and before them the ancient Lycians. The region is strewn with the romantic remains of Lycian cities, most of which remain un-excavated and where we are often the only visitors roaming among the temples, broken columns and amphitheatres.

The favourite Lycian city is Cadianda, perched on a wildly dramatic mountain top, which is also the nearest at just over an hour away. Tlos, Pinara and Xanthos are a full day’s trip, but are well worth the effort if you have the time.



Getting there

There are regular charter flights to Dalaman – which is a four hour flight from the UK. We request where possible that you book a flight to arrive not later than 9:00pm, although we will still meet you if this is not possible or your flight is delayed.

The airport is about 45 minutes from Huzur Vadisi, and we will arrange a minibus transfer to meet you. The transfer cost of £20pp each way is based on 5 group transfers on travel day. If you arrive or leave very early or very late, or on another day, you may be charged the full transfer cost of £45 one way. You will receive full details, including directions, upon receipt of your final payment.

If you arrive early or leave late, and are seeking accommodation, Huzur Vadisi recommend in the nearby town of Gocek.

Some people ask about visiting Istanbul before or after their holiday at Huzur Vadisi. Istanbul is just over an hour’s flight with Turkish Airlines and is relatively inexpensive (prices vary with dates and times)

The coach to or from Istanbul arrives and departs from Fethiye, which is just over half an hour from Huzur Vadisi. It is a 10 hour trip and costs around 65TL (£28). The coach services are very good and professionally run. It is possible (in theory) to book online, and there is a translation service available on Google. Or you can usually buy a ticket on the day, or a few days before, unless it is a national holiday. For more information see


To arrange your own flights, try the following:

Kay or Julie at Robinson Travel 01237 476 798


Anyone travelling to Turkey is now required to purchase an online visa before entering the country – this can be purchased from the following website:

The fee is $20 USD

The visa needs to be printed and taken with you.


Passports must be valid for at least 60 days from the date of expiry of a traveller’s visa. Passports must also have at least one fully blank page for entry/exit stamps.

Please keep an eye on your passport renewal date and renew earlier to avoid any difficulties. Your passport is your responsibility and we would strongly advise that you always check the latest requirements for entering Turkey to make sure you are fully aware of all entry criteria.


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