Gary Carter: Yoga teacher, Anatomy Trains, Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy

Gary Carter, Yoga, Workshop, London, Anatomy, Skeleton, Yoga teacher, Anatomy Trains, Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy, teacher training About Gary Carter

KMI structural integration, YTTC, LTG Dip

Gary Carter has been teaching for 20 years in personal training, physical awareness and yoga. He is also a practitioner in Structural Integration, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Shiatsu and Nutritional Therapy.

He studied yoga with Mary Stewart and Sophy Hoare and after a brief meeting with Vanda Scaravelli, he now studies with Diane Long in Florence and Rome whilst continuously developing his own practice and teachings.

With a keen feeling and study for the nature of Fascia he met and studied with Thomas Myers in Structural Integration and the ‘Anatomy Trains’ theory in 1998 and has co taught with him in the USA and UK which has led Gary to deepen his explorations in taking the understandings of complete functional integration into many practices.

Gary has been teaching Anatomy and Movement for over 14 years to Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Massage schools in the UK and Europe along with Athletes and Personal Trainers.

He has studied dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna and now runs The Yoga & Anatomy training course all over the UK ,Ireland and Scotland. He is also principal lecturer in the “Science of Movement and Anatomy” on the Dance Sciences Degree course at Middlesex University.


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