Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in London with Catherine Annis

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Are you looking for a certified yoga teacher training course based in London?  Then check out Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt) to learn more.

The team, including Catherine Annis, Tanya Love, Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby, Neville Cregan and Mary Mackie have a combined yoga expereince in excess of 200 years – so you know you’ll be in safe hands.

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I have been practising yoga with Catherine Annis and Tanya Love for many years, attending Catherine’s yoga retreats as well as their regular yoga classes. This style of yoga teaching moves away from a preoccupation with postures as the end point, and instead encourages a deep enquiry into the body and its own particular needs and responses.

Practising with them in this way has completely transformed my yoga practice: I experience my body more deeply, have access to more subtle sensation, and am able to be more creative and curious about how I approach my practice. Their approach asks that you throw away dogma and preconceived notions of what yoga should look like, and instead focuses on what you might learn from attending to the process of practice.

I would recommend this yoga teacher training course in London to anyone who wants to move their yoga and movement towards more subtlety, gentleness, and creativity; and to those who wish to teach their yoga students to live in a more deeply embodied way.

Nicole Scott

Catherine Annis is an inspirational, experienced yoga teacher. Throughout my two year teacher training with her in London, I have felt encouraged, motivated and amazed by the depth of her knowledge, teaching and ability to read the body. Catherine has allowed me to build a better awareness and connection in my own body and practice, given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to go out and teachyoga and been supportive throughout. I have also had the pleasure of attending Tanya’s classes and she is also an inspiring, engaging teacher. Both Catherine and Tanya are a lovely energy to be around and I couldn’t recommend their yoga teacher training course in London more!

Holly Luscombe

Catherine’s depth of knowledge and expertise shine through in her yoga teacher training as she guides you through new ways to experience asana and movement. Her feedback is always detailed, perceptive and encouraging, inspiring you by example to become a better teacher for yourself and your students.

Karen McCoss

Before I embarked on the Triyoga teacher training, a fellow yoga teacher said to me ‘this will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself’ and she was absolutely right. Completing my yoga training at Triyoga under the guidance of Catherine Annis was truly a life changing process. Her expertise, care and passion is exceptional and reflected in everything she did. Beyond her technical knowledge is a rare sincerity and ability to ‘hold the space’ as you grow from student to teacher – it’s so important to be supported in this way whilst you undergo an exceptional time of personal growth and learning. I feel incredibly grateful to have been supported in this way. The pace of the yoga  course allowed time for integration and exploration, something else that I really valued. The training gave me access to a team of teachers who are completely dedicated to their craft in a beautiful setting, something that still inspires my practice and teaching today.

Pippa Richardson

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