Catherine belongs to an elite group of London yoga teachers who are at the top of their practise. Her understanding of the body and the language she uses to describe movements and poses is vivid and sophisticated. Her Scaravelli inspired yoga classes are invigorating, challenging but also deeply relaxing. She has inspired my work as a Pilates teacher and introduced me to a broader understanding of how to achieve release and balance in the body.

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About Us

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Teacher Catherine Annis and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Robert Annis

Catherine Annis has been practising yoga for the best part of 40 years and teaches a style of yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli at London’s top yoga studios of Triyoga and The Life Centre .  Robert specialises in massage, specifically deep tissue as well as Reiki healing since 2001.

When Catherine and Robert are not working individually, they join forces to run Scaravelli yoga retreats, weekends and holidays in Turkey, the UK, Europe and at carefully chosen venues, hand picked for their peace and beauty, around the world.

  • Catherine Annis – Vanda Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

    Catherine is a member of the yoga teacher training faculty and sits on the teacher advisory committee at London’s top yoga studio, triyoga, and is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga. Originally a professional dancer, she discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been  practicing for over 40 years.  Having studied various styles […]

  • Robert Annis – Deep Tissue Massage

    Robert originally discovered massage as a result of a serious leg injury. Since learning techniques that actively assisted in his own rehabilitation, he has continued to learn more about massage, and began by massaging friends over 20 years ago. He undertook his professional training at the West London School of Therapeutic Massage and is a […]