200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the UK

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Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (IYTT) is a 200+ hour certified and accredited course based in London, UK.

IYTT has been created to develop knowledgeable, responsive and confident teachers who teach yoga based on a solid understanding of both the fundamental workings of the body and an appreciation of its natural intelligence.

This will be an exciting and inspiring course, which encourages trainees to explore their approach to yoga practice.  Throughout the course, we’ll refer to the most current anatomical and movement research, and support trainees as they deepen and expand their perception of asana.

The course will be led by Catherine Annis and Tanya Love.  Anatomy and physiology will be delivered by renowned teachers Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter, providing one of the most comprehensive groundings in anatomy of any teacher training course in the UK.

  • Certified and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals
  • 400 hours (contact and non-contact hours)
  • Maximum 18 students
  • 18-month course
  • London based
  • Start date October 2019
  • Faculty has over 175 years yoga experience
  • Price from £4,245

The course is designed for trainees who wish to significantly deepen their knowledge of informed and effective yoga, breathwork, meditation and related subjects.



We believe in creating a student-centred course, which actively supports graduates as they transition from student to teacher.  We will provide regular mentoring and professional supervision throughout the course.


To read all about this IYTT course, please visit www.intelligentyogateachertraining.co.uk


London Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Before I embarked on the Triyoga teacher training a fellow teacher said to me ‘this will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself’ and she was absolutely right. Completing my training under the guidance of Catherine was truly a life changing process. Her expertise, care and passion is exceptional and reflected in everything she do. Beyond her technical knowledge is a rare sincerity and ability to ‘hold the space’ as you grow from student to teacher – it’s so important to be supported in this way whilst you undergo an exceptional time of personal growth and learning. I feel incredibly grateful to have been supported in this way. The pace of the course allowed time for integration and exploration, something else that I really valued. The training gave me access to a team of teachers who are completely dedicated to their craft in a beautiful setting, something that still inspires my practice and teaching today.

Pippa Richardson


Life-changing!  Through this yoga training, and the utter dedication & hard-work of & Catherine, I have not only come to develop a deeper wider understanding of Yoga & biomechanics, but I have also become a much more grounded, centered, self-aware individual from working in this way.  Catherine is a passionate dedicated teacher who I am enormously grateful to, and I would recommend this training to anyone who is passionate themselves, prepared to work hard and go through quite a positive transformational experience!

Sophie Wurr


Catherine’s yoga work is inspired. We have all met those yoga teachers along the way who manage to let their light and wisdom shine so very brightly yet make it so personal and applicable to you. Catherine is one of these gifted yoga teachers who have influenced my being, my body and the way I approach my practice and my teaching in subtle yet profound ways. I would go even further to say that having studied with her changed things fundamentally.  One often hears: “Do yoga from the inside.” In Catherine’s classes I finally had a feeling realization of what this means, It’s priceless. I highly recommend studying with her in any way you can: privately, group classes, reatreats, or all of the above. Namaste!

Olga Fedori


Tanya is a really excellent yoga teacher. She gives clear guidance and instruction and I particularly appreciate her sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on help to get into position correctly when needed. I enjoy the pace of her classes and the way she stresses the importance of attention on the body in each pose and the process of yoga to bring space and fluidity. I always feel great at the end of her class and really notice when I haven’t been! Tanya makes yoga approachable, where to a very inflexible person like me it can be daunting! Thank you!

Clea Sambrook

Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

Yoga, Teacher, Training, UK, 200hr, London

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